Unlock the full potential of your Amazon & Walmart data. Drive efficient growth.

Amazon and Walmart share more data than ever before. Brands and agencies must be deeply data-centric to stay competitive. Intentwise is here to help you do just that. The Intentwise E-commerce Suite delivers a robust data foundation, data-rich ad optimization, and an in-depth understanding of shopper journeys.

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Intentwise Analytics Cloud

Eliminate all Amazon & Walmart data friction

Intentwise Analytics Cloud (IAC) is the most comprehensive and reliable data store/pipeline for all your Amazon, Walmart, and e-commerce data.

IAC automatically connects to available APIs and combines all your fragmented data into an e-commerce-centric data store, providing a solid data foundation for your business insights.

Eliminate the hassle of building and maintaining these ever-changing API connections. Own all your data, instantly level up your reporting and analytics, become truly data-driven, and drive efficient growth.

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Optimize ads with more than just ad metrics.

Intentwise Ad Optimizer is powered by a unified ecommerce data model that combines advertising, retail, and competitive signals, giving you ultimate control and flexibility to implement and automate your advertising strategy.

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Make the most of Amazon Marketing Cloud. No SQL Required.

Intentwise Explore allows you to schedule queries in advance, pick from a library of pre-written queries or request your own, create new audiences, and visualize the results without the need to write SQL yourself.

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Jennifer G
Sales & Marketing

"Huge help for reporting needs, valuable insights and amazing customer support"

Tim C
Director of E-Commerce

“Top Notch Advertising Platform & Service”

Matt Jordan
Digital Marketing Strategist

"Love the Product, Love the Company!"

Gerti M
Marketing Director

"In Only 7 Months, Our Monthly Amazon Sales Increased By 40% While Reducing ACOS% From 60% To 35%"

Steve W

"Intentwise is a rare partner in Amazon advertising that builds profits with tools and insights"

Carl Murray
Marketing Director

"Instrumental in helping us scale our business on Amazon"

Clint G
Founder & CEO

"Very in depth Platform for Agencies and Manufacturers"

Daniel S

"Most Versatile Yet Simplified and Elegant Platform I've Found"

Antonio E

"The best Amazon Advertising Platform for Agencies and large-scale advertisers"

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