The ultimate Amazon DSP self-serve platform

Your Amazon DSP ads no longer have to live in siloes. The Intentwise DSP Optimizer combines DSP data with your retail and Sponsored Ads data, letting you design campaigns that operate in tandem.

Not sure if your DSP ads are working? Supercharge your targeting and measurement capabilities by adding on our Amazon Marketing Cloud solution. 

Plus, do it all without committing to a daunting minimum spend. If DSP feels out of reach, Intentwise can help you get access sooner than you might think. We regularly help brands get their own DSP seats, or we can help agencies give their clients login credentials.

Get access to DSP without high minimum spend requirements

Intentwise can be your full-service DSP partner. We have our own DSP seat, and we have helped many of our partners get their own.

Through us, DSP is within reach. Think you don’t spend enough to be eligible for DSP? Even if you’re spending less than $10,000 per month, we might be able to get you access.

We know there are many ways to access DSP: through an agency, through self-serve, or through Amazon directly. No matter what, we’ll guide you down the path that’s best for you. Intentwise can help you evaluate your options for running Amazon DSP, including what it takes to get your own seat.

Our product was built to make DSP analysis easy

Let’s be honest, your DSP ads don’t exist in a vacuum. When you combine Intentwise DSP with our Ad Optimizer, you can directly compare the performance of your Sponsored Ads to your DSP ads. 

Our sophisticated analytics tools like date-range comparisons and rollups make it easier to place your DSP data into context. We also let you tie your DSP ads to key retail metrics like inventory levels. 

See your DSP ads in full context through our fast-loading embedded dashboards, or build your own in third-party tools like PowerBI. 

Take scalable actions directly from our platform

Managing multiple DSP campaigns has never been easier. In our DSP Optimizer, track performance with our innovative reporting, segmentation, and analysis capabilities. 

Want to make a change? It’s just a click away. Edit existing Line Items and Orders, and adjust your budgets, base bids, and more—all without leaving our platform. 

Level up your measurement with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Advanced DSP users can easily take their campaigns to the next level with Intentwise Explore, our AMC solution. Run a simple ad overlap query to see how your ads DSP campaigns performed, and then adjust your campaign budgets based on those findings. 

Or, want to create a new audience? Choose from a custom audience of your choice in our audiences library, and watch as the audience automatically appears in your DSP account. It’s easy when your DSP and AMC accounts live in the same hub.

Ready to Get Started with Intentwise DSP?

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