The Amazon Edge for
High-Growth Agencies

The Intentwise Amazon Advertising Platform lets you acquire, manage, and retain more clients with fewer resources. It’s your edge to scale your clients – and grow your margins.


Service more clients without compromising quality

Intentwise’s built-in recommendation engine rapidly unearths optimization opportunities across your accounts. Your teams can consistently deliver stellar results no matter how many clients you acquire.

bid management

Stay In Control. Get Results Your Way

Intentwise offers you the flexibility to choose between a proprietary AI-based bidding algorithm and/or define your own bid automation rules. Do it your way, and get the results you want.


Turbocharge Your Existing Teams

Your people are a critical asset. Unleash their abilities with Intentwise’s automation capabilities, which handle tasks like search term harvesting, negative matching, day-parting, budget management, and more. Give your people the headspace and time to move your business forward.

Case studies

"Intentwise customer service is phenomenal & they always go the extra mile"


Revenue Increase


ACOS  reduction

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Cheer Collection

"Their professionalism, knowledge, transparency and seamless integrations helped..."


Reduction in campaign expenses


Revenue on Amazon Ads

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Win More Deals with In-depth Audits

It’s a simple fact: Great audits win clients. Our breadth of capabilities allows you to deliver outstanding audits in terms of account structure design, targeting optimization, bid management, competitive intelligence and content quality. Result: You inform and delight customers, and make them eager for more.


Simplify Data Collection And Reporting

Managing Amazon data across your clients and delivering insightful reports can be very time-consuming and challenging. Intentwise Amazon Advertising Platform simplifies the collection and reporting, so your people work faster and smarter. By simplifying everything, you do everything better.

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