Accelerate Your Retail Growth with Criteo

Smartly manage your ecommerce advertising through Intentwise’s partnership with Criteo, a retail media platform that supports numerous big-name retailers like Costco, Target, and Best Buy.

Retailers that Criteo supports

WIDE Retailer Support

Consolidate Your Diverse Data 

Analyze, monitor, and report on the advertising performance across retailers in one place. The Criteo partnership integrates ecommerce data from Best Buy, Costco Wholesale, Costco Business Center (U.S.), CVS Pharmacy, FreshDirect, Lowe’s (U.S.), Macy’s, Meijer, Michaels, Nordstrom, Sam's Club, Shipt, Staples, Target, Ulta Beauty, and Walgreens. And the best part—as Criteo adds retailers, Intentwise’s platform will automatically support those additions.


A One-Stop-Shop for Shopping Ads 

Examine overall campaign performance across a retail marketplace with just a few clicks—saving your team valuable time and providing nuanced insights.


Change Once, Not Twice (or More) 

Our platform allows your team to make bulk edits across different campaigns, such as bid and keyword changes and product updates.

Advanced controls. Top-notch tech.

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