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Rules vs. AI? How to choose your bid management strategy

For years, a debate has raged in the industry about how to manage bids on Amazon. Do you opt for a rules-based approach to change your bids, or do you use an AI? 

At Intentwise, we are well-versed in both approaches. We wanted to offer brands and agencies an in-depth outline of what AI and rules can each do for them. 

From our white paper, we hope you’ll gain a clear picture of which bid management system makes sense for your business—or, maybe, you’ll decide that your ideal route is to mix and match. 

In the white paper, we cover:

How AI bid management systems are trained

Keyword clustering, dynamic lookback windows, and other features of a good AI

How rules help you optimize non-ACOS KPIs

Why rules unlock the powerful possibilities of dayparting

Plus: What if there was a way to mix and match AI and rules?

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