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The complete guide to Walmart Connect

For most brands and agencies, Walmart Connect represents a vast, untapped market. 13% of the people who visited Walmart.com did not visit Amazon.com in the same month, according to Comscore. That means they are largely new audiences.

Therefore, marketers who are savvy about their use of Walmart Connect can get an immediate edge over their competitors. 

With Walmart Connect, you can reach new shopper audiences, benefit from an assortment of in-store ads and social media ads, and access features not available on Amazon, such as device-based targeting.

Want to get started? Our white paper will take you through the key terminology for Walmart Connect, the best practices for beginners, and the most important differences between Walmart Connect and Amazon Ads.

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In the white paper, we cover:

How AI bid management systems are trained

Keyword clustering, dynamic lookback windows, and other features of a good AI

How rules help you optimize non-ACOS KPIs

Why rules unlock the powerful possibilities of dayparting

Plus: What if there was a way to mix and match AI and rules?

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