Automatically Connect
Amazon Data with Power BI.

We Get You the Data. You Focus on Building Reports and Dashboards.

Your team has more important tasks than managing Amazon data. Directly connect with Intentwise’s cloud data store using Power BI and build the reports and dashboards you need. Intentwise ensures that your Amazon data store is always up-to-date.

Pre-Built Power BI Templates Get You Up and Running Quickly

You don’t have to start a report or dashboard from scratch. Choose from a catalog of templates covering data sets such as advertising, vendor sales, seller sales, inventory, and more.

We’ll Even Build Dashboards For You

We provide support services to build custom dashboards to perfectly fit your team’s unique needs.

”As an agency, having robust reporting and dashboards across all our partners' accounts is critical. While we used Power BI for reporting, gathering Amazon data remained manual and time-consuming. Intentwise Analytics Cloud automated the connectivity between Amazon data and Power BI, saving us a ton of time. We also have access to more, and better-organized data than before. With minimal operational lift, we can now construct comprehensive dashboards of channel performance for our clients and internal teams. Intentwise Analytics Cloud is helping us scale our agency operations efficiently.”

Stephen T. Reagan, VP Strategy & Client Services, Macarta

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