Automatically Pipe Your Amazon Data into Amazon Redshift

Intentwise Analytics enables a complete Amazon data/tech stack.

Automate Data Collection, Generate Insights

Feeding all your Amazon data into a data warehouse is time-consuming and time-wasting. Intentwise Analytics, our comprehensive data pipeline, automatically wrangles your Amazon data into Redshift, allowing your team to focus on unlocking insights.

Keep Up With the Shifts in Data

Intentwise Analytics automatically monitors and adapts to Amazon’s changes in data and capabilities. This means your team can focus on data analysis, not upkeep in Redshift.

Reduce Your Time-to-Insights

Even when it’s automatically collected and stored in a destination like Redshift, fragmented data isn’t as useful as connected data. Intentwise Analytics includes a proprietary ecommerce data model built to reduce your team’s time-to-insight.

”Getting our arms around all the necessary Amazon data had been a challenge for us. With Intentwise Analytics, we can channel our Amazon data directly into our Snowflake instance. We were up and running in a matter of days. We don’t have the headache of dealing with data integration anymore. Pangaea is an analytics-driven organization, and Intentwise Analytics is a key enabler for us.”

Marc Hess, Amazon Growth Manager, Pangaea

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